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The Good Shepherd Inn | Quality Care With Lots of TLC Because They're Not Just Pets, They're Family!.

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Welcome To The Inn!

We are a Family owned, dog boarding facility that prides itself in providing a loving, safe, secure, country environment for your Furry Family member. We have a combined over 50 years of experience and knowledge in all breeds of dogs and are highly recommended by many vets in  the Brazoria/Galveston/Houston service area. We have been caring for your Fur babies for over 16 years and hope that you will bring your pup to us for a safe, happy stay while you are away!

Happy, Healthy Dogs!

  • Your dog will have it's own Apartment with a 6x20 foot indoor/outdoor run, air conditioned & heated. They can bring their toys, treats and anything that makes them feel more at home.
  • We DO NOT charge extra to give medication or for play time.
  • We have a HUGE exercise yard to run and play in three times a day in a quiet, country setting that is behind our home.
  • Dogs love to come to Mimi's House and can't wait to get out of the car and get inside! "As soon as they come over the RR track, they get so excited! They know they are coming to visit Mimi!"
  • A Safe, loving, secure place for your dog to Relax and Play while you are away!
  • We Love Dogs, and are known Dog Experts, have the BEST Vets on call and Will Take The BEST CARE of YOUR DOG that you will find!

Due to an  severe outbreak of the dog flu in the Southern states inlcuding Texas , (many cases have been  reported  in Houston, Dallas  & Austin) DOG FLU VACCINE  IS NOW REQUIRED.  Must be given a minimum two months (from second shot) prior to boarding - This is two vaccines given three weeks apart.

Bivalent Vaccine H3N2 &H3N8 Killed Virus - If you have any questions, please contact your vet or feel free to call the kennel.

We will not accept dogs  for boarding that frequent dog parks, shows, Petsmart, Petco, groomers, training facilities or any high exposure area.

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DOG FLU VACCINE REQUIRED two months prior to boarding - This is two vaccines given three weeks apart,

Bivalent Vaccine H3N2 &H3N8 Killed Virus.


We cannot accept dogs  for boarding that frequent dog parks, shows, training facilities, groomers, that visit  Petsmart, Petco, or any high exposure area.

We apologize for this inconvenience, but minimizing exposure &


will help stop this virus. 

Texas A&M & the AVMA recommend the Bivalent vaccine with both H2N8 &H2N3 Killed vaccine. The list of local veterinarians that will carry this vaccine:  Loving Care Animal Hopsital in Santa Fe does carry the H2N3 Vaccine; Parkwood Animal Hospital  in Friendswood  has ordered the vaccine and has H2N8. Dickinson Animal Hopsital has H3N8 & H3N2. Dr. Siegler in Texas City; Friendswood Animal Hospital and Tractor Supply in Santa Fe, every Thursday Alvin every Saturday has the combo shot.  Our vets in Houston, Brittmore Animal Hospital have the correct vaccine and will administer it to your dog per our request but will request proof of current vaccines, then will charge an office visit and a vaccine cost.




Kennel Phone: 409-925-0988

Please leave a message if we are not available.

or Call/Text 409-770-6310.

Pricing For Boarding Is Per Night.

$25.00 for one dog in run.

$19.00 for the second dog in run.

$15 Day Care

*No charge if picked up before noon.

**Additional $19 if picked up 5:30-6 p.m.

** Additional $50 per dog for Sunday/Holiday or after hours pick up. By appointment Only.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 8-Noon; 5:30-6 p.m.

Saturday - 8-Noon

Sunday & Holidays- Closed

***We will schedule pick up & drop off for other hours as needed by our clients.There is an additional fee for this service.

Kennel Tours are by Appointment ONLY! Please call to schedule a tour and be sure that you have not visited other facilities on the same day as coming to our facility.

Shots &




DOG FLU VACCINE REQUIRED two months prior to boarding - This is two vaccines given three weeks apart

Both H3N2 &H3N8

Bordatella must be given every 6 months and one month prior to boarding.

No exceptions.


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We Are Dog Experts!

 We are always here to help and consider you a part of our Dog Family. We have a large network of the Top Vets in the Houston/Galveston area as well as other canine experts. We will be glad to help you and your dog sniff out an answer to your question or problem.

Call 409-925-0988 or e-mail  with questions concerning your dog.

The Good Shepherd Inn Welcomes....

Our newest member to our family, Denise Strother. Denise has over 25 years of experience working as Kennel manager and Tech at Cedarpark Vet Hosptial in Austin. In addition, Denise is a Dog Behavorist and trainer. We are very blessed to have her knowledge, experience and a "dog Whisperer" caring for our furry babies! 

We now offer in Home Boarding

We will be glad to come to your home once or twice daily to care for your pets. No stress or exposure when your babies stay at home in their own evironment and we make sure they are happy and healthy! Give us a call and ask about this wonderful new option!

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A Home Away From Home For Fido

You are welcome to bring your fido's favorite stuff, whether it is his crate, bed toys, cookies, hamburgers or donuts so that they feel more at home while staying with us. We do not charge for giving medications or spending time playing outside. We encourage you  bringing something with your smell on it (T-shirt, shoe) so that your dog is reminded you are not far away!

We want to THANK all of our clients for trusting their babies to us!

We are grateful to you for your business!

The Lord is OUR Shepherd!

Victor Dog Food

We feed all of our dogs and the kennel dogs this Premium Dog food made in Texas.
Victor is a Five star food and milled in Texas. 

Quality Care with Lots of TC

Because They're Not Just Pets,

They're Family!

Recommended as a Top kennel in

Galveston/Brazoria/Houston Area

We are one of the Top Kennels in this area and recommended by some of the BEST veterinarians in the Gavleston/Brazoria/Houston area and the health department.  Our kennel was modeled after the Purina Farms isolation kennel and is built with your Dog's comfort and safety in mind.

New website work in progress!

Updates and more will continue to be updated. We need your input to improve our site. How about a DogBlog?

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